BSCS iX is an end-to-end billing and customer care software for telecom services providers. BSCS iX has been developed over the last 20 years by LHS. LHS has been a pioneer in software for billing and customer care and the company is now a part of Ericsson. BSCS iX is installed at over 140 operators in 80 countries, supporting more than 340 million subscribers.

Benefits of BSCS iX

BSCS iX combines flexibility and functionality with well-established reliability and performance.

Easy to configure new products and services.

  • It is very easy to add new products and services so that they are available within hours, providing a competitive edge.
  •   Bulk-content items and bundles can be quickly imported for rapid market deployment. 

Highly flexible multiparty charging and multi-company capabilities.

  • A convergent architecture allows CSPs to offer integrated multi-play services supported by a single bill.
  • Single point of customer care, enabling service providers to gain a greater slice of the customer’s budget.
  • Enable the support of innovative new multi-sided business models.
  • The CSP has the means to charge and bill its partners for the provision of these services. 

Increased Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

  • CSPs can react quickly to market trends for content products, stimulate core usage, and increase average revenue per user (ARPU) by targeting specific groups with personalized bundles.
  • They can also market innovative convergent product bundles that include both content and network services. In addition, CSPs can handle a wide range of customer-centric incentives, such as discount vouchers and favorable pricing schemes, offering subscribers the most cost-effective charge for a service or event.
  • The ability to offer a single bill and single point of customer care for all services provides the customers of CSPs the simplicity and convenience they demand. 

On-Demand Billing

Cost-related risks within business relationships are reduced with the help of two things: on-demand billing that is dependent on the usage threshold; and real-time cost-control features. At the same time, customers benefit from control over their own spending, and can feel confident in trying out new services. 

Reduced Cost of Operations

A single platform for all subscribers, partners, technologies and services provides an optimized system and reduces operational costs. Cost-reducing benefits include:

  • Lower staffing costs for customer care operations
  • Reduced hardware costs due to deployment capabilities on entry-level servers scaling horizontally
  • Streamlined accounting processes in one system
  • Reduced time and staff required for configuring and testing new rate plans and services
  • Reduced reaction time and monitoring procedures for system failures 

Simplified IT Integration and Data Migration

Public interfaces simplify integration with other external systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), and enable the use of enterprise application integration (EAI) middleware platforms. The incorporated framework enables rapid and easy data migration when upgrading BSCS iX or replacing a legacy system.