Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on defining & designing Systems that addresses the specific needs of a customer with a set of defined functionalities. ApnaTech’s value to the table is in understanding & identifying these unique requirements and providing modular solutions with a clear focus on quality, customer satisfaction and maximizing the customers’ return on investments.

Following are the Engineering Solutions / Services from ApnaTech;

  • Load Box Test System for Loco Engine
  • Rail Fatigue Rig
  • Remote Health Monitoring of Structures
  • Design, Simulation & Modeling Services*
    • Engineering Design and Analysis
      • CAD/Meshing/FEM/CFD
    • Fatigue Fracture and Durability
      • Life Estimation (cycles for crack initiation)
      • Crack Propagation & Failure
      • Effect of Residual Stresses on Life
      • Repair Strategy Evaluation
    • Multi-Body Dynamics
      • Full Vehicle Dynamics
      • Engine Dynamics
      • Transmission Design
      • Wind-mill
      • Rail/Wheel Interaction
    • Dynamic Forces on Wagons & Bogies
    • Electromagnetic Field Analysis
    • FEA
    • Composite Analysis


*- Services offered by partnering with ProSIM R&D Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore