The ARK - Business Intelligence for the Shipping Industry

Smart Maintenance is a critical and the commanding activity for any successful operation of a vessel or a ship.

The ARK - Platform for Business Intelligence is embellished by collectig data from various data points in both ship & shore with an ability to provide a seamless integration of the collected data and gives a complete insightful analysis for effective ship operations in future & enhanced predictability of its maintenance requirement.

The various modules like Planned Maintenance Modules, Dry-Dock Management Modules and Voyage Management Modules which are inbulit in the software, can communicate with each other and wih log books, SOx NOx Analysers, Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm Systems, etc to give strategic information for the decision makers of the vessel.

In short, 'The ARK' is the MECCA OF THE SHIP

Salient Features

  • Incorporates feedback and customer needs – The ARK is a living application that will continuously keep evolving and improving
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Model. No capital investment and 24/7 technical support
  • Automatically synchronizes with Central System
  • Real Time Communication between ship and shore
  • Optimizes the work plan of engineers
  • Tracks and manages surveys
  • Generates detailed reports for decision making
  • Presents archival data at the component level for analysis
  • Easy to allocate specific jobs to specific engineers
  • Schedule tasks using a tasks calendar
  • Clearly shows tasks done, tasks due and tasks over due
  • Shows machinery history of tasks done on it
  • Manages the running hours of the components


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