The Marine Industry is unique, especially in terms of its inherent challenges. The biggest challenge for any shipping company is the large number of dispersed parties that it has to coordinate with. From ensuring that the ship staff has the needed supplies to meeting international regulations, the complexities are immense.  

ApnaTech understands how critical it is to have real time knowledge transfer, seamless communication and meet regulatory requirements. The products have been designed taking into consideration these unique challenges and conditions.  


BNWAS: To Prevent That Sinking Feeling!

apna BNWAS is a sturdy product for navigational safety and regulatory compliance. It is a DNV Certified Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System, designed in accordance with the IMO regulation. 
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The main unit of apna BNWAS has a microprocessor controller that requires the officer on watch to reset a programmable timer at a preset interval. In the absence of the reset, the bridge watch alarm is sounded at various locations at a programmable delay to alert the ship staff on possible incapacitation of the OOW.

Advantages of the apna BNWAS are: 

  • Installs with minimal intervention Is tamper proof
  • Automatic reset of timer
  • Multiple reset options
  • Auto operation mode
  • The wireless model is easy to install 


The Ark:So That You’re Never At Sea!

ApnaTech brings its immense knowledge base in cutting edge technologies and ship domain expertise to the field of ship operations and management. ApnaTech offers solutions to bridge the gap between the various stakeholders in the realm of ship operation and management.

The bouquet of software offered in The Ark ensures that your onboard staff and assets are connected to the shore-based managers and service providers, requiring minimal intervention at either ends. 

The Ark encompasses products for real time reporting and easy monitoring for faster decision making, increased cost efficiency and easier regulatory compliance.

The products ensure that: 

  • Onboard staff gets real time support
  • Ship board assets can be monitored remotely
  • Onshore personnel can manage these assets with higher efficiency
  • Onboard staff and onshore managers can take decisions quickly

These Knowledge Engineering Products have been developed to have the following attributes:

  • Easy to use
  • Simple to understand
  • Extremely practical
  • Require no upgrade of skill-set
  • Maintain a familiar environment


When you don’t want to find yourself at sea, you need to have management products that are simpler, smarter and faster. You need The Ark

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