Contactless Wheel Profile Measurement


CALIPRI®* is a universal handheld gauge for fast non-contact recording of geometrical data of objects of nearly any shape. With this device, you can measure  the below parameters in approximately 5 seconds

  • Wheel Profile
  • Wheel Diameter Gauge
  • Wheel Clearance Gauge 


All measurement and profile data are made available for processing in the XML format or CSV format. All measurements can be visualized and analyzed. The creation of individual reports constitutes another feature. This entails sending measurement data in a clear presentation directly to a printer or else generating a pdf document. 

Wheel Profile:

“Wheel Profile” is the main module for the measurement of railway wheel sets with the Calipri Wheel. This module allows for the measurement of an entire wheel profile cross section within a few seconds. Alongside the key wheel flange dimensions (Flange height, Flange width, Flange Thickness), the wheel width, hollow tread as well as the rollover are determined. For the measurement, the user simply moves the sensor along the wheel by hand. In doing so, the sensor does not have to be in contact with the wheel nor does it have to be aligned accurately to the wheel. 

 Wheel Diameter Gauge:

After measuring the Wheel profile, the operator can fit the Wheel diameter measurement gauge which works on a 3-point measurement technique with extra broad base. Subsequent to another measurement over the track profile, the rolling circle diameter, in addition to the flange diameter, is shown automatically on the display. 

Wheel Clearance Gauge:

The “Wheel Clearance” module allows for the measurement of the wheel clearance within a few seconds. For the measurement, firstly, the wheel clearance gauge that is equipped with a spring mechanism is clamped between both wheels. Using the Calipri, within few seconds, the Wheel Clearance of an axle can be measured directly. 


* CALIPRI® is the Registred Trademark of NextSense GmbH, Austria.      

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