Rail Profile Measurement


 With CALIPRI*’s “Rail” module, it is possible to measure the complete cross-section of a rail head within a few seconds and calculate the key data and wear parameters. Along with the essential measurements like head width and crown radius, the wear at the top and the sides can be determined by comparison with the standard profile. All established flat bottom rails and groove rails can be measured. In order to measure, the user moves the sensor around the rail head by hand. In the process, the sensor is not applied to the rail; nor does it have to be precisely. The Calipri Wheel’s acoustic signals as well as the graphic display help even an unpracticed user to attain a quick and reproducible result.

Technical Data 


  • head width – WH
  • crown radius – RH
  • wear 0° - W1
  • wear -90° - W2L
  • wear +90° - W2R
  • wear -45° - W3L
  • wear +45° – W3R
  • Additional measurements on request 


Repeat Accuracy 

< ± 35µm 

Measuring Time 



* CALIPRI® is the Registred Trademark of NextSense GmbH, Austria

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