Hot Axle Hot Wheel Detector (HAHW)

Hot Box and Hot Wheel detectors are trackside devices designed to monitor axle, wheel, brake temperatures and to indicate any overheating which could lead to derailments and transmits this data to the traffic control and monitoring section. This is an unmanned system, which consists of high speed pyrometers installed at axle box level to check the temperature in near axle and far axle and at the track level to measure the wheel temperature. These pyrometers are connected with real time embedded data acquisition system that wakes up on train arrival to capture and analyze the data from all pyrometers.

The real time software possesses the intelligence to process the recorded data and produces the report with axle wise temperature information and transmits the data to Traffic Control or Monitoring Station. The cut-off limits and the alarm limits can be set by the user for flagging the hot axles, hot wheel & cold wheels.

The system was developed along with IIT-Kanpur as a part of Technology Mission for Railway Safety


Salient Features

  • Automatic Identification of Hot Axle Box, Hot Wheel & Cold Wheel
  • Detailed report with data of axle box and wheel temperature at two sides of an axle for complete train
  • Automatic Identification of the train
  • Automatic Transfer of report & analysis to railway control office through GPRS/Existing OFC Line
  • Identification of train type, number of engines, wagons/coach, brake vans
  • IP 65 grade cabinet to house data acquisition system & pyrometers
  • Reliable 24X7 operation without Manual Intervention
  • Notification of Alarms & reports through SMS and e-mail
  • Solar power as secondary power
  •  Audio Visual Alarm for given alarm condition




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