RFID Tracking of Rolling Stock

ApnaTech wayside systems have the provision for adding AEI (RFID based Automatic Equipment Identification System). RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a means of identifying an item based on radio frequency transmission. This technology can be used to identify, track and detect a wide variety of objects. The major components of a RFID System are tags, antenna, readers, DAQ Middleware, Data Transmission Unit and web application host.
Wayside System will have a RFID reader installed with a train position detection system to be able to match the tags to the rake formation.

The communication from the cloud to the reader will be based on the following GS1 standards:
• Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) Version 1.1
• Discovery, Configuration, and Initialization (DCI) for Reader Operations Version: Ratified Standard 1.0
• Reader Management 1.0.1

With the above it will be possible for the cloud to publish the complete rake formation along with the rfid tags read from the wayside system. The cloud will also get a continuous confirmation from the readers about being available on line, it will be able to restart the readers remotely and make configuration changes like changing the power settings for the antennae.

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