You must be the change you wish to see in the world. See Green…See Life!! 

apnaNEEM is about touching people’s lives…today, tomorrow and forever. 

The apnaNEEM initiative is to create a culture of environmental responsibility and giving people a choice to act. We want everyone we come across to be encouraged to plant a NEEM tree. 

 NEEM is ecologcally very special. It can tolerate very high levels of pollution and has the capacity to recover even if most of its foliage is dropped. The NEEM tree is one of the most suitable species for checking urban pollution in industrial locations. NEEM trees act as very efficient natural air filters… trapping dust particles and absorbing gaseous pollutants. The planting of NEEM trees helps reduce green house gases through photosynthesis absorbing large quantities of CO2 and producing oxygen. Besides NEEM has remarkable ability to withstand air and water pollution, as well as heat. NEEM also restores and maintains soil fertility. 

You can join the apnaNEEM Revolution by buying a NEEM sapling from us. We will deliver the NEEM sapling at your doorstep. All proceeds to the purchase of the NEEM sapling will go towards the NEEM foundation. 

To know more and be part of this Revolution please write to