Apna’s Vision to Provide Solutions & Touch Lives initiated the birth of the Apna Foundation which aims at touching the lives of children and adults from backward communities.

Akshara is a small school started by the Foundation in 2005 and reaches out to children who need Empowerment, Nutrition & Education.Classes are held every evening and these classes are aimed at providing basic reading & writing skills to children and adults. The students at the foundation come from all walks of life & occupations – shepherds, domestic maids, construction labourers and their children, homeless children who live on the streets etc.

The teachers apart from the regular teachers at Akshara are Apna’ite engineers who volunteer on different days to teach subjects like Mathematics & basic knowledge of reading and writing in local languages like Kannada & Tamil.

Other information like hygiene & family planning is extended to the children & adults respectively. Since Nutrition forms a very important part of the betterment of the students the Foundation provides Milk and one basic meal every evening.